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Monday, November 1, 2010


A silent prayer A silent wish
Our hearts reach out to
those who lost their lives.
A prayer we pray for peace
A prayer we pray for humanity
A prayer we pray for the departed souls.
I bring no gifts to give you
I bring no money to help you
I can only pray and ask lord to bless you.
Salutation dear departed,may your soul rest in peace.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Why of life !

It is rightly said that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen.They have to be felt with the heart.These lines holds an inherent truth because life is full of interesting twists & turns.The Why of life is still an question mark for all of us.Have we wondered Why it is that you need someone in our life or someone close to you?Why do you need a shoulder to lean on? Why can't you be on your own?Why there is that feeling of insecurity in you ?Why you feel deserted and lonely at times ? why you have to face some hardships of life and for that you need to be strong and pretend sometimes that you are happy ? Is that you feel inferior as if you lacking something in your life.Sometimes you yourself feel you are not complete as if you wander without any reason.why you feel that you are not cared for but taken for granted.People talk to you when they need you and you just play a juggler's role in entertaining them and trying to make them comfortable when you are not.This is because you start expecting hopes from others who are around you...where there is relationship there are expectations.It's true when you give some attention to someone you too expect the same from him/her.It's reciprocal always.Attachment is the root cause of all this emotions of Why.But it does not ends here..coz life goes on.It takes time to adjust yourself and takes time to absorb shocks and be the part of this world again because there is no one who will come forward ans say,'yes, I understand your feeling and your not alone'...and at that time you feel a pang of loneliness within you and then you give way your tears and again you need someone to hold you and pat your head.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


Come September...A promising month of beautiful season Autumn,a new beginning of a new month after monsoon.It's a month of possibilities ,where a long list of festivals awaits...Its time for shopping,sale,fun and laughter.The weather's getting cooler and pleasant and you know the party season is coming.Some of the biggest festivals in India are celebrated during this season of Autumn or Sharad Ritu like Ganesh chaturthi,ladakh festival etc.Autumn is always my favourite season because the entire ambience goes colourful.The paddy fields looks like a beautiful green ocean.Dry clouds floats in the blue sky,beautiful flowers bloom,trees are laden with fruits,chripping of birds is felt every where.At night the glossy moon looks like a beautiful blue painted glass...clear and enchanting.It's the arrival of Autumn or the Sahrad ritu where mornings are cool and crispy with a touch of mist in the air.leaves change colours into crimson,yellow,gold and amber.
kalidas ,the great poet of ancient India had compared Sharad Ritu to a bride,docked in white as the moon and the swan,adored with jewels as flowers,moving with gentle grace like the river in sharad Ritu.A beautiful season of slenderness and grace like soft silks.A painter's delight of love and imagination in his canvas.I still love to collect those fallen leaves of different shades and shapes,those crunching noise below your feet when you walk under a tree makes me feel nostalgia.The busy squirrels gathering nuts and birds in pairs makes me feel that life is so beautiful with them.The first fall of apples are tasted and lots of ripe pumpkins are cooked....lotus bloom in ponds and lilies bloom in evening.A perfect season for wedding,travel and tours. For me Autumn is a romantic time.A walk in the nature and long drives along the country side is like a paradise...a light jacket to keep you warm and someone to hold hands with a nice walk is what makes Autumn so romantic.The colourful fallen leaves of Autumn is a blessing from the mother earth,so very beautiful,colourful and unique created by God's own hand.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"A new chapter - 15th Aug celebration.

A new dawn for me,I was excited,happy and enthusiastic.For the first time in my life I had celebrated Independence day with my friends through Facebook...a complete new chapter for me.It was a wonderful feeling.There was an air of patriotism,brotherhood,love and devotion towards our Mother Land...every where the spirit of freedom was felt.Each profiles were updated with our National flags,pictures of freedom fighters,quotes,patriotic songs.every body was wishing each other with jai hind and Vande mataram....A true Indian and proud to be an Indian.I was not alone today,with me all my friends were there whom I never met nor chatted,still I felt we all are together hand in hand celebrating our 15th Aug..our Independence Day.That's the spirit of India...My profile too was looking beautiful with National tri - colour flag waving proudly with dignity and respect...A salute to those who had laid down their lives for us and given us an Independent India.I never knew that a networking site would really make me feel so happy and loved...not only that with each passing day I am enjoying my friendship in Facebook...learning, experiencing and celebrating life.Each day is a new chapter for me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rongali Bihu-"Call of the Spring"

Everyone is happy including me,because it's spring time...Bihu time which always coincides with the dates of sankranti,chait or Baisak(13,14 and 15th April).With the arrival of spring there is a fresh air of blooming flowers,birds chripping,butterflies dancing for nectar,sound of dhols,pepa,gogona,Bihugeet,hand woven gamosas and beautiful ladies in there finest muga mekhela chadors and last not the least assamese foodies like pitas,doi,cheera etc.For me it's a much awaited festival because it's time for shopping,merry making,feast and gifts.A mood of festivity and gaiety is felt throughout the month,even hundreds of Bihutolies are busy performing Bihu dances,songs and competitions.Bihu fever has grip the assamese people.I too find myself listening to Bihu songs these days,shopping and making pithas...enjoying every moment.Rongali Bihu symbolises the spirit of love,brotherhood amongest the assamese people.Not only that animals too have an Important role during this Bihu celebration.Bathing of cattles on the day of sankrant is one of the important Bihu rituals.On this day cows and bulls are given ritual bath with halodhi(turmeric),maah(black dal)accompanied with varities of vegetables.It's believed that there is a strong bond between man and four-legged counterparts from ages.
Be it the city of guwahati or countryside the flavour of Bihu is felt everywhere.The main attraction of Rongali Bihu is - Bihu dance and Bihugeets,where one can feel the love and romance in the air,even the mother earth carries the freshness of new begining of joy,hope,aspirations,peace and harmony.A unique festival symbolising peace and harmony without giving prominence to caste,creed or religion.I simply love to watch Bihu dances,ladies wearing traditional muga silk and white mulberry silk with assamese ornaments like gamkharu,bena,dol or locaparo and men wearing dhoti and kurta with gamocha around their head and waist...A sensuous Bihu dance with various movement of hips,arms and upper part of the body.The memories of celebrating Bihu feast at my grandmothers house still remains fresh in my mind,a big fat family of 20-25 would sit together in a round table and varities of mouth-watering delicacies would be there like pithas,laroo,chira-doi as jalpan(breakfast) and for lunch and dinner the menu would be variety of traditional assamese dishes like khar,saag,aloo bhaji,masor tenga,pitika etc...truely Bihu is the spirit of north-east...involving people from all section and classes of society,largely refecting the rich cultural heritage of assam,north-east.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Little things of yesterday

Reminds me of you and me

Of distance far and away...

So much they speak

So much they tell

So much they are felt...

They are my silent treasures

cherished by me.

I remember those moments

sweets memories spend together.....

Those moments of joy,pride,tears and happiness

All clicked and stored.

All silent,yet out spoken

Photographs they are.....

Beautiful,silent weepers

Still alive.....

Photographs they are

my memory keepers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's Basant Panchami today and for me it's Saraswati Puja,the Goddess of learning.A bright sunny day has come up.After doing puja at home, I rushed to my work because I know today I am going to be real busy at my cosy restaurant..without wasting any time I picked up my favourite dress and gotta going to my Rockarolla.There was a feeling of festivity and celebration every where.While travelling on the way to my cafe I could see small girls wearing sarees,dressed up beautifuly with jewelleries....was wondering the plight of their mothers who dressed them ! I too remember my time when we use to wear mom's saree,lipsticks and bindis and pretend to be grown ups...The shops were decorated nicely with marigold flowers and there was a purity of goodness.The puja pandals too were decorated beautifully like a lovely bride and you can smell the fragrance of agarbattis,the sweet aroma of flowers every where and the lovely young crowd seen in their best attire.Today my rockarolla too was greared up nicely,waiting to start off the day with fun,laughter and friends..A lovely crowd at my restaurent the whole day,school kids,college girls,boys,young and old lost in their world of giggles and chit-chat,ordering momos,rolls etc...everyone is happy ,even a two year child is happy because she is with her parents enjoying her chocolates and floss.One thing I notice today is "dress" amongst the young crowd of today...not only the dresses they are wearing but the way they carry themselves realy make me happy to think that today's generation is smart,energetic and fashionable.One can see latest designs in sarees,suits or mekhla chaddars in festive occassions.Designer dresses have taken place of traditional dresses.
Today I met many friends of mine who made my day .A happy colourful Basant panchami will always be cherished.A wonderful day with wonderful people.....

Monday, January 18, 2010


"I am sooo sleepy man " ....Tiger-the 40 days old Bull Mastif pup,so cute and sweet and i wonder what will he be like when he grows up into a handsome hulk of over 70 kilos after a few months.

"heyyy buddy were is the photographer" "Hi dude......"
Pluto is a naughty spitz - golden retriever,who simply loves to play with balls and runs around the whole house when ever guests visit our house...a handsome dude with sparkling eyes,very clever.Likes to get pampered and enjoys sleeping with us.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A winter afternoon with Sandesh Kadur

I hate mornings because I simply love to sleep,the best beauty secret of all. Today being so cold outside I didn't feel like going for my work,I pretended to doze off again.Suddendly I looked around..the inevitable moment arrived and if I delay one more minute..I will be seriously late for my work..had an apple and rushed to my work place"Rockarolla". Ah! My kind of place.A resturant of unique style and decor.It's my love for this small cosy resturant were I like to be there,afterall its my baby. The day was windy and cold and myself tugged with jacket,cap and gloves...need some hot black tea to boost up my day! I was listening to some of my favorite music inside the cafe when a tall guy came and introduce himself as Mr.Sandesh kudur from Bengaluru. We became friends soon and talked about North-East,foodies,music etc. Mr.Sandesh introduced himself as a filmmaker for wild life and had come to Guwahati for his project. He appreciated the music scene of Assam,people and culture. I was feeling honoured to be a part of his thanks..and not to forget Mr.Sandesh liked and relished chicken momos with soup in my resturant..we exchanged our cell numbers and email id's since it was late already. Back home I found Mr.Sandesh mail and his blog site,without wasting my time I logged in to see whats in the store...I was taken by surprise! It's simply awesome,wonderful,adventurous and beautiful. All the wild life coverages made by him. Each photography of wild life is mind blowing and superb. An interesting gateway to the animal kingdom and forestry. Mr Sandesh kadur is a well known wildlife photographer and documentary Filmmaker,and has worked on various subjects ranging from cloud forest and endangered sea turtles in Mexico to rainforest and king cobras in Western Ghats of Southern India.His documentary SAHYADARIS: Mountains of the monsoon earned worldwide attention. His two films were screened at the British Library,Bangalore. Some of his film like The Serpent King is already shown in the National Geographic Channel. His liking for Kaziranga is felt through his beautifully captured photography. A tall,witty and friendly guy is also happend to be an associated member of the international League of Conservation photographer as well as a member on the Board of Filmmakers for Conservation. Mr Sandesh and his team is associated with Felis Creation, who strongly believes in conserving and using photography and films as media to spread the message of conservation and there work is dedicated to conserving some of the precious wildlife and forests of india. No doubt he's an Indian at heart which clearly revels his passion for wild life conservation...I consider myself lucky to have met such a personality who has opened my eyes and taught me a lot about conservation of wild life.

Friday, January 8, 2010



Winter time for me means December,January and Febuary.For me December is my favourite month,because it is the perfect weather balancing your mood of the season - a perfect month for partying,picnics,friends and time to pause and look back on the year gone by,to catch the new things,plan to make new resolutions.Practically all the New Years in my adult life have started off with fun,laughter and everything you wanted to be,i.e.On Top Of The World.I keep asking myself " Is this what life is all about?" The answer keeps me going for the rest of the year,then Dec 31st comes religiously again knocking at my door...It's time to leave the past-good,bad or ugly-behind and move ahead.An exciting time to wipe away the year gone by and to begin again next month in the new year.For me it's exciting, I simply love the way we get a chance every year to begin afresh...after every 12 months,year after year.Usually the New year starts off with parties,celebration,fun,madness.crashing out at friend's house,sudden guests..there's is nothing quite like the year end.
The New year's eve comes along much waited for the life you live but at the same time it's supposed to be the most depressing time of the year.Time,you realise with a start is flying,you rewiew the year that just began was ended and decided on an action plan for the New year.Each New year has something magical to offer.A brand New Year lies ahead of us,it's always a bit starting all over.Almost everybody has made their New year resolutions,plannings to do everything their way,better New Year than in the previous years.We every time promise ourself to quit smoking or nail biting,to lose weight,to visit our parents and relatives etc.Funny enough the plans we make are quite similar to the plans we made the year before.This is because at New Year's eve we realise that we did not manage to reach all the goals we set for ourself at the beginning of the year.
I usually start thinking up right from the morning,"I"ll have a short nap in the afternoon to recharge my batteries and prepare for the night-long fun".Everything ready to rock the New Year's eve ! Whether you're hosting a party or attending one,giving a gift or acccepting one,dressing up or playing hostess...quick menu ideas,cocktails,music,dance-its all here to bid good bye to the year end and to welcome the New year
In the morning ,my eyes were lazy and heavy enough to look around but I was probably smiling like a happy goat. I was happy! Thinking that every New Year brings with a zillion resolutions, the list is endless. Nothing change in your life and every New Year the list and commitments comes out again and you are stuck. Then do something - make change in your life. The place to begin is not with job, family, your partner, your weight, your wardrobe, etc ... but the way you think and feel about yourself.So cheer up in the New Year, only you can modify the way you think, act or feel. The power is within you only. So go ahead, banish the blues and welcome the new beginning with hope and try again to become a better mother/father, friend and professional.