Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's Basant Panchami today and for me it's Saraswati Puja,the Goddess of learning.A bright sunny day has come up.After doing puja at home, I rushed to my work because I know today I am going to be real busy at my cosy restaurant..without wasting any time I picked up my favourite dress and gotta going to my Rockarolla.There was a feeling of festivity and celebration every where.While travelling on the way to my cafe I could see small girls wearing sarees,dressed up beautifuly with jewelleries....was wondering the plight of their mothers who dressed them ! I too remember my time when we use to wear mom's saree,lipsticks and bindis and pretend to be grown ups...The shops were decorated nicely with marigold flowers and there was a purity of goodness.The puja pandals too were decorated beautifully like a lovely bride and you can smell the fragrance of agarbattis,the sweet aroma of flowers every where and the lovely young crowd seen in their best attire.Today my rockarolla too was greared up nicely,waiting to start off the day with fun,laughter and friends..A lovely crowd at my restaurent the whole day,school kids,college girls,boys,young and old lost in their world of giggles and chit-chat,ordering momos,rolls etc...everyone is happy ,even a two year child is happy because she is with her parents enjoying her chocolates and floss.One thing I notice today is "dress" amongst the young crowd of today...not only the dresses they are wearing but the way they carry themselves realy make me happy to think that today's generation is smart,energetic and fashionable.One can see latest designs in sarees,suits or mekhla chaddars in festive occassions.Designer dresses have taken place of traditional dresses.
Today I met many friends of mine who made my day .A happy colourful Basant panchami will always be cherished.A wonderful day with wonderful people.....

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My Life My Way said...

good dat u r enjoing every moment of ur life. u mst b very happy