Friday, October 8, 2010

The Why of life !

It is rightly said that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen.They have to be felt with the heart.These lines holds an inherent truth because life is full of interesting twists & turns.The Why of life is still an question mark for all of us.Have we wondered Why it is that you need someone in our life or someone close to you?Why do you need a shoulder to lean on? Why can't you be on your own?Why there is that feeling of insecurity in you ?Why you feel deserted and lonely at times ? why you have to face some hardships of life and for that you need to be strong and pretend sometimes that you are happy ? Is that you feel inferior as if you lacking something in your life.Sometimes you yourself feel you are not complete as if you wander without any reason.why you feel that you are not cared for but taken for granted.People talk to you when they need you and you just play a juggler's role in entertaining them and trying to make them comfortable when you are not.This is because you start expecting hopes from others who are around you...where there is relationship there are expectations.It's true when you give some attention to someone you too expect the same from him/her.It's reciprocal always.Attachment is the root cause of all this emotions of Why.But it does not ends here..coz life goes on.It takes time to adjust yourself and takes time to absorb shocks and be the part of this world again because there is no one who will come forward ans say,'yes, I understand your feeling and your not alone'...and at that time you feel a pang of loneliness within you and then you give way your tears and again you need someone to hold you and pat your head.

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