Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A winter afternoon with Sandesh Kadur

I hate mornings because I simply love to sleep,the best beauty secret of all. Today being so cold outside I didn't feel like going for my work,I pretended to doze off again.Suddendly I looked around..the inevitable moment arrived and if I delay one more minute..I will be seriously late for my work..had an apple and rushed to my work place"Rockarolla". Ah! My kind of place.A resturant of unique style and decor.It's my love for this small cosy resturant were I like to be there,afterall its my baby. The day was windy and cold and myself tugged with jacket,cap and gloves...need some hot black tea to boost up my day! I was listening to some of my favorite music inside the cafe when a tall guy came and introduce himself as Mr.Sandesh kudur from Bengaluru. We became friends soon and talked about North-East,foodies,music etc. Mr.Sandesh introduced himself as a filmmaker for wild life and had come to Guwahati for his project. He appreciated the music scene of Assam,people and culture. I was feeling honoured to be a part of his thanks..and not to forget Mr.Sandesh liked and relished chicken momos with soup in my resturant..we exchanged our cell numbers and email id's since it was late already. Back home I found Mr.Sandesh mail and his blog site,without wasting my time I logged in to see whats in the store...I was taken by surprise! It's simply awesome,wonderful,adventurous and beautiful. All the wild life coverages made by him. Each photography of wild life is mind blowing and superb. An interesting gateway to the animal kingdom and forestry. Mr Sandesh kadur is a well known wildlife photographer and documentary Filmmaker,and has worked on various subjects ranging from cloud forest and endangered sea turtles in Mexico to rainforest and king cobras in Western Ghats of Southern India.His documentary SAHYADARIS: Mountains of the monsoon earned worldwide attention. His two films were screened at the British Library,Bangalore. Some of his film like The Serpent King is already shown in the National Geographic Channel. His liking for Kaziranga is felt through his beautifully captured photography. A tall,witty and friendly guy is also happend to be an associated member of the international League of Conservation photographer as well as a member on the Board of Filmmakers for Conservation. Mr Sandesh and his team is associated with Felis Creation, who strongly believes in conserving and using photography and films as media to spread the message of conservation and there work is dedicated to conserving some of the precious wildlife and forests of india. No doubt he's an Indian at heart which clearly revels his passion for wild life conservation...I consider myself lucky to have met such a personality who has opened my eyes and taught me a lot about conservation of wild life.

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