Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


Come September...A promising month of beautiful season Autumn,a new beginning of a new month after monsoon.It's a month of possibilities ,where a long list of festivals awaits...Its time for shopping,sale,fun and laughter.The weather's getting cooler and pleasant and you know the party season is coming.Some of the biggest festivals in India are celebrated during this season of Autumn or Sharad Ritu like Ganesh chaturthi,ladakh festival etc.Autumn is always my favourite season because the entire ambience goes colourful.The paddy fields looks like a beautiful green ocean.Dry clouds floats in the blue sky,beautiful flowers bloom,trees are laden with fruits,chripping of birds is felt every where.At night the glossy moon looks like a beautiful blue painted glass...clear and enchanting.It's the arrival of Autumn or the Sahrad ritu where mornings are cool and crispy with a touch of mist in the air.leaves change colours into crimson,yellow,gold and amber.
kalidas ,the great poet of ancient India had compared Sharad Ritu to a bride,docked in white as the moon and the swan,adored with jewels as flowers,moving with gentle grace like the river in sharad Ritu.A beautiful season of slenderness and grace like soft silks.A painter's delight of love and imagination in his canvas.I still love to collect those fallen leaves of different shades and shapes,those crunching noise below your feet when you walk under a tree makes me feel nostalgia.The busy squirrels gathering nuts and birds in pairs makes me feel that life is so beautiful with them.The first fall of apples are tasted and lots of ripe pumpkins are cooked....lotus bloom in ponds and lilies bloom in evening.A perfect season for wedding,travel and tours. For me Autumn is a romantic time.A walk in the nature and long drives along the country side is like a paradise...a light jacket to keep you warm and someone to hold hands with a nice walk is what makes Autumn so romantic.The colourful fallen leaves of Autumn is a blessing from the mother earth,so very beautiful,colourful and unique created by God's own hand.