Friday, January 8, 2010



Winter time for me means December,January and Febuary.For me December is my favourite month,because it is the perfect weather balancing your mood of the season - a perfect month for partying,picnics,friends and time to pause and look back on the year gone by,to catch the new things,plan to make new resolutions.Practically all the New Years in my adult life have started off with fun,laughter and everything you wanted to be,i.e.On Top Of The World.I keep asking myself " Is this what life is all about?" The answer keeps me going for the rest of the year,then Dec 31st comes religiously again knocking at my door...It's time to leave the past-good,bad or ugly-behind and move ahead.An exciting time to wipe away the year gone by and to begin again next month in the new year.For me it's exciting, I simply love the way we get a chance every year to begin afresh...after every 12 months,year after year.Usually the New year starts off with parties,celebration,fun,madness.crashing out at friend's house,sudden guests..there's is nothing quite like the year end.
The New year's eve comes along much waited for the life you live but at the same time it's supposed to be the most depressing time of the year.Time,you realise with a start is flying,you rewiew the year that just began was ended and decided on an action plan for the New year.Each New year has something magical to offer.A brand New Year lies ahead of us,it's always a bit starting all over.Almost everybody has made their New year resolutions,plannings to do everything their way,better New Year than in the previous years.We every time promise ourself to quit smoking or nail biting,to lose weight,to visit our parents and relatives etc.Funny enough the plans we make are quite similar to the plans we made the year before.This is because at New Year's eve we realise that we did not manage to reach all the goals we set for ourself at the beginning of the year.
I usually start thinking up right from the morning,"I"ll have a short nap in the afternoon to recharge my batteries and prepare for the night-long fun".Everything ready to rock the New Year's eve ! Whether you're hosting a party or attending one,giving a gift or acccepting one,dressing up or playing hostess...quick menu ideas,cocktails,music,dance-its all here to bid good bye to the year end and to welcome the New year
In the morning ,my eyes were lazy and heavy enough to look around but I was probably smiling like a happy goat. I was happy! Thinking that every New Year brings with a zillion resolutions, the list is endless. Nothing change in your life and every New Year the list and commitments comes out again and you are stuck. Then do something - make change in your life. The place to begin is not with job, family, your partner, your weight, your wardrobe, etc ... but the way you think and feel about yourself.So cheer up in the New Year, only you can modify the way you think, act or feel. The power is within you only. So go ahead, banish the blues and welcome the new beginning with hope and try again to become a better mother/father, friend and professional.


benhur said...

great if i bringing my own feelings after every newyear

kadur said...

How very true... Best wishes for the New year... to new beginnings!