Thursday, May 8, 2014


I'm still  paranoid and like a scary movie I check up everything before I go to sleep at night,making sure it's not a bedbug...It was in the month of summers we had shifted to a new apartment in Bengaluru and I was happy in my heart that I am going to d√©cor my home sweet home with a new touch of love and elegance.New place,new people and new surroundings...sounds terrific  .Packing-unpacking of house has become a part of my life being married to a Govt.service holder..It is exciting but upsetting sometimes with frequent move from one place to another.That's life with a challenge....  but never knew that in my new apartment 'Tiny devils' are ready to welcome me every night!!!
    In my life time experience I never knew that bedbugs were actually a real thing.Every night I would wake up with tiny rashes,thinking its  mosquito bites on my arms and legs.The bites and rashes continued for several nights..but to my utter surprise I was the only one suffering while the other members of the family were not affected. Maybe my blood was sweet as marsh mellow...!!! Slowly I was horrified that something was wrong, maybe I was having allergy to food or maybe its the sea fish I was consuming.One day I got up in the middle of the night scratching my arms and discovered two dead bed bugs in my bed and there were small black dots on my bed sheet.In the morning I searched and searched but not a single one I was  invisible.I asked my friends,my parents and my maid who's a localite of Bengaluru..she said"Amma its KHATMAL...we too face it at night...get the mattress in the sun madam and spray pesticides".So easily she said as if its a very normal thing out here.
     Every night I couldn't sleep. It affected me psychologically.When someone greets me "What's new? Have you settled down?" I used to reply "I have bed bugs at home".I keep my bed room lights on because someone said that bed bugs don't attack when there is light.I keep everything ready near my bedside table..a torch,insecticides and sprays.I develop insomnia,and every night I get up and look for them.I Google every bit of information in the internet.These bed bugs feed on human blood and suck blood at night when humans are in deep sleep..Bloody suckers..they are not going to party on me...!!!
   After several days of hit and trial methods, I got hold of these horrible creatures under my mattresses,thousands of them.They hide in the seams and creases of things,they hide in walls,chairs and even suitcases.I soon got rid of my mattresses and pillows and disinfected all the rooms and sprayed everything at home.Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites,they rest at day and becomes active at night,they are not dangerous but their presence can be very itchy and irritating.It really took several days to
get rid of these Tiny devils at last.But sometimes I still have that itchy feeling inside me or the crawling sensation inside me...after all bed bugs in a single words is a TRAUMATIC experience for I am at peace keeping in my mind "SLEEP TIGHT DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BIT ME".


Dr.Banashri Bordoloi said...

Hope you are sleeping well now , Suku ba ! Loved reading it . Keep writing !

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee said...

Oh what a satiric piece ! Your presentation so superb!