Thursday, September 4, 2008


When the sun withdraw his beams

and its darkness all over

When the twinkling stars begins to glutter

and the moon shines out of its cover

I think of you........

When the dawn breaks ,birds chips

When the flowers are moist by the touch of dew drops

chilled winds moves sliently

and the world again seems to be new

I think of you..........

When the temptations are high

When the desires for you grow more

and when the passions are strong

and the mind doesn't work

I think of you..........

When life seems to be ending

and life seems to be lonely

and no one to hold my hand

I think of you.........

Someday i'll be gone

from here to eternity

but will always remain there

the love i'll preserved for you

The love which was pure and divine........

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